About Medi Card Membership

Medi Lab Diagnostics Laboratory Services is pleased to announce the Medi Card program to facilitate patients. Card holders can avail discounts at Medi Lab and other participating health care establishments. 

How to get your Medi Card?

You can purchase your Medi card for against a payment of Rs 100. You will receive your personalized Medi Card on the same time by completing request form

At the time of Medi Card request, please provide the complete information to Medi Lab representative in order to process your Medi Card

Facilities on Medi Card

30% Discount on Laboratory tests
30% Discount on Medicines

10% Discount on Doctor Fee.
20% Discount on Ulrasound


The Medi Card will be valid for a period of 1 year from the date of issuance.

Terms and Conditions:

You can get 30% discount on your medical tests on this card
Discount on Laboratory tests will be available at any branch of Medi Lab    
This card is valid for discounts at Pharmacy & Doctors Clinics which nominate by Medi Lab  
After the card expires, the card will no longer be usable    
This card is valid in Medi Lab for medical tests     
This card is not for any legal action